Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok, so it wouldn't be my blog if I did not mention my passion for football.  I have always like football but about 5 years ago was asked to join a fantasy football league with some "guys" at work.  I was the only female in the league, didn't know what I was doing but ended up in the playoffs.  I didn't win but I was hooked.  I went on to create my own fantasy football league but only for women.  It was so much fun.  We are going on our 4th year and all of us anxiously await football season.  Here is a picture of my All Girl Fantasy League from our first year. I am a huge Giants Fan and also like to cheer on the Green Bay Packers.  I got hooked on the Packers my first year of Fantasy Football when Brett Favre was my QB.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Candy Bouquet

So I've got hooked on Pinterest. They have so many fabulous ideas and I have a little extra time on my hands and decided to try some of these creative things.  This one I found and thought it was fabulous for my kids because my son doesn't want flowers for a show and my daughter gets so many I wanted something different. Follow this link to see blogger who I got the idea from.
So this is my version of what I came up with. I used skewers and the clear packing tape and some Easter Cellophane wrap that I happen to have. I think they came out cute.

My Scrapbook Room

I have a fabulous Scrapbook room thanks to my Prince.  The tables and the rail system are from Ikea.  We took two Ikea tables and clamped them together to make a corner desk.  Then we took the Ikea rail system that they use for kitchens to make a great hanging spot for my supplies plus favorite pages.

Little Shop of Horrors

My daughter was a sensation last night in her Junior High School Show.  So many people came up to me after the show to tell me she nailed the part perfectly as Audrey.  Can't wait to see it again as the show runs all week!

Audrey played by my daughter Emily