Candy Bouquet

So I've got hooked on Pinterest. They have so many fabulous ideas and I have a little extra time on my hands and decided to try some of these creative things.  This one I found and thought it was fabulous for my kids because my son doesn't want flowers for a show and my daughter gets so many I wanted something different. Follow this link to see blogger who I got the idea from.
So this is my version of what I came up with. I used skewers and the clear packing tape and some Easter Cellophane wrap that I happen to have. I think they came out cute.


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    1. Gotta love pinterest...and I'm actually trying some of the great ideas. Next idea the menu board.

  2. I gave these to the kids last night at their show, and they loved them!! I had so many people ask where I got them and I said I made them!!


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