Recycled notebook

I'm in my sons room this week and I look down in the garbage and there is a starwars notebook.  He is turning 13 and must have been cleaning out his room and felt he was too old for this notebook.  I asked if I could have it as it was a perfectly good notebook with paper in it.

  The next day I covered it with some leftover scrapbook paper, put some stickers on it and a saying that said The Little Stuff.  Tied some ribbons around the spiral part and there you have it a cute little notebook that I will keep in my scraproom as I am always looking for something to write on to test pens, glue, stickle and stamps.  Not to mention I like to keep of list of scrap supplies I may need.  This was bought for $1.00 and you could do this with any dollar store notebook.


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