Remodel of stairs

I haven't posted on my blog in awhile.  It's been a difficult year. Alas, I like to have the blog to look back on to see what we have done with the house and little creative projects I'm working on. I thought I would start with the remodel of our hallway and stairway.

We had a wrought iron railing when we first moved in. I can't seem to find the picture of it...but we took it out when we moved in to get the furniture upstairs and I didn't want it back.  This first picture is what it looked like. We replaced the blue carpet with beige and left the paint color.

We left it like this for awhile but decided we needed to put a railing in and Rich wanted to do some moulding boxes to give it a different look so the work began.

The first step was to cut the ends off the stairs to add the wood for the railing to set on.

Once that was done and post up then Rich started working on the handrail.

Hand rail installed

                     The next phase was the trim boxes along a chair rail.
                                                                      This came out beautiful.

The last thing to do was get the painters in to paint.  Rich hates to paint and with all the cut in work we thought it worth the money to pay someone to come and paint it for us.
I found on pinterest the color scheme of the grey and white and thought it gave it such a dramatic look.  So we went with that.
Here is the end result.

This picture isn't the greatest.  It looks like the carpet is grey but it is still beige. Looks like a totally different house when you walk in the front door.


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