The Ozsome Story

Where did my blog title come from? I have been an avid Wizard of Oz fan since I was in the 5th grade where I got the role as Dorothy in the school play.  I was not a good singer however, and so my teacher split the part between myself and my understudy, I did the acting parts and my understudy did the singing parts. **My daughter does not get her singing talent from me. :-)** Over the years I have collected many Wizard of Oz collectibles. At one point I had them all displayed, but most of them are packed up in boxes now.  I have a few ozzy artifacts floating around, but nothing like I use to.  I still have my "I love OZ" coffee mug and my Character tumblers displayed in my kitchen.

This is an original movie poster I scored at a yard sale when they released The Wizard of Oz in theaters back in 1998.  The back of the poster is also the back sides of the Oz Characters. I have it hanging in my scrapbook room right now.

 I've taken on the name of Ozsome, a play on words obviously of awesome. When I decide to start my little blog I came up with Always Ozsome. It fit perfect. My friends at work knew of my love for the Wizard of Oz, so on my birthday one year I came in to the office to my desk decorated with me as Dorothy!  Yes that is me in the photo with the original characters.  Of course I had to scrapbook the page and it's one of my favorites!

 If you know me you know my passion for the Wizard of Oz.  I even went so far as to dress my 3 year old and one year old up as Dorothy and the Scarecrow one Halloween.
My babies..Emily is now 16 and Daniel is 13!
 I also decorated Emily's room in the Wizard of Oz theme.  She had a gingham blue bedspread with a white dust ruffle that I sewed a strip of red sequins on. She also had white curtains with blue gingham trim and a ruby slipper throw rug that I found at the Warner Brothers Store. It was my dream room for a little girl. It lasted maybe 2 years and then of course she wanted the pink girly room.

Emily is now auditioning for the Wizard of Oz in a local theater group.  Call backs were this week and she was called back for Dorothy, the Witch, and Glinda.  I am so excited to see what part she gets.

Not sure what my following is but if you're an oz fan like me, I'd love for you to leave a comment on this post.


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