New and improved Scrap Room!

The room as a work in progress.  Moving things
around to get the new table in.

I'm so lucky to have this great space to scrapbook.  When we were looking for our new home there had to be a place for me just to scrap.  I was lucky to find a home with this wonderful extra room.  In a previous blog post I posted about my original design.  Now I have expanded and love my new design even more. I rearranged the room so it seems  bigger, took out the rug so I can roll around on my chair, and added a table so I have so much more space to scrap on.  I often was throwing things on my futon or floor to make room while I worked.


We went to Ikea and bought another table and the Prince installed it so it attached to the others.  I went for a quick trip to Michaels to take advantage of 40% off your entire purchase and when I came back.....

Beautiful new work space!! Look at all the room.  I'm so lucky.

My bookshelves with paper and completed scrapbooks.

The other side of the room, with a comfy futon for my loves to keep me company.


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