Card club first card swap

I wanted to share the beautiful cards I received at card club last night with my Stampin Up group.  Lead by my consulatant Michelle Halleen.  These ladies have some great talent and we always have so much fun creating a project and doing our card swap.

The Theme was Flowers inspired by Michelle's gorgeous roses going up to her home, and they had to pop somehow.

This card was made by Angela 

This card was made by Tracy and she was our hostess for the evening! Thanks Tracy!

This card was made by Michelle our leader!

This card was made by Liz and it's a shaker card!

This card was made by Rachelle.

(I forgot to add my card to the bunch, so I'm adding it now.)

Next month our theme is Birthday and I get to be the hostess.  Happy Crafting everyone!

This is the awesome project we did too.  I want to make some of my own versions for gifts in the future.
Michelle has some great ideas and classes.  You can visit her website at Stampin up by just clicking that link.  


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